SUGAR 2.0 is simply better, 50% cane sugar + 50% fiber.
=100% Delicious!
  • “I can’t imagine a more effortless way to cut your sugar intake in half. Just use Sugar 2.0, and it’s done. Delicious in everything!”

    Linda T – Copywriter / Editor
    Monrovia, CA

  • “I used Sugar 2.0 to make meringue and it whipped up beautifully. I'm excited to try it with other pastries.”

    Colleen W. – Pastry Chef
    Alhambra, CA

50% real cane sugar plus 50% soluble fiber equals 100% delicious! There’s no artificial ingredients or high-intensity sweeteners which means NO bitterness or chemical aftertaste. Cutting sugar by 50% is good. Eating sugar with fiber is essential. Soluble fiber is a carb blocker which helps slows the absorption of sugar in the body.
Sugar 2.0 measures cup for cup as a replacement for all your sweetening, cooking, and baking needs. 2 grams soluble fiber / teaspoon (2 grams net. carbs.)

Love sugar again!