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Frequently Asked Questions

SUGAR 2.0 is a blend of real cane sugar and naturally sweet, non-gmo prebiotic soluble fiber. SUGAR 2.0 cuts regular sugar content by 50% and replaces the other 50% with fiber.
Consumers are waking up to the dangers of consuming too much sugar. SUGAR 2.0 makes reducing sugar effortless by not compromising the delicious sweet flavors of real cane sugar. Using SUGAR 2.0 cuts sugar intake in half while adding fiber, a vital nutrient responsible for overall digestive and immune support, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels.
Yes! Use SUGAR 2.0 for all your baking needs. SUGAR 2.0 is stable under normal baking temperatures (320-350 F) while providing the added benefits of soluble fiber and probiotics.
Yes! But don't stop there. Use SUGAR 2.0 in soups, sauces, and marinades. SUGAR 2.0 dissolves completely in hot and cold beverages. SUGAR 2.0 + Probiotics contains heat resistant shells that enable it to survive in conditions other probiotics can’t. Most probiotics are extremely fragile; few cells survive the harsh environments in digestion to populate the intestines. Our probiotics thrive in these conditions to help facilitate gut and immune health. Share your stories! Let us know how you are using SUGAR 2.0 to make healthier foods for your family.
Sugar 2.0 is about 80% as sweet as regular sugar however we recommend you use Sugar 2.0 as a 1:1 ratio to regular sugar for all your sweetening needs. Allow time to re-set your taste buds. In addition to providing natural sweetness, the added fiber will add bulk, structure and moisture retention that is vital for baking.