We Made Sugar Twice as Good by Cutting it in Half

Who knew fiber and sugar could taste so good together? Well…no one actually, until one determined dad dedicated his life to finding a way to reduce his kids’ sugar intake without forcing them to give up that sweet taste they love.

Dad, a food product developer by trade, knew that that if he cut the sugar in half, he’d have to replace it with something else. For decades, the food industry’s answer to this dilemma was artificial sweeteners – man-made chemicals with Frankenstein-ish names like “saccharin,” “aspertame” and “sucralose” that don’t exist in nature and are far more toxic than natural sugar.

His Eureka! moment arrived while cutting an apple for his kids. An apple…packed with fiber, a natural carb-blocker that can help lower cholesterol and glucose levels and is essential to digestive health. He could give them the taste they love, combined with a natural substance that actually blocked the body’s intake of sugar. His kids, acting as official taste-testers, confirmed his discovery with, “Dad, this tastes great!” At that moment, he knew he had to share it with the world.