Delivering Healthier Cookies of Love


Delivering Healthier Cookies of Love

In an effort to bring one of their fundamental core values to life, Foods 2.0, LLC. is announcing a partnership with Butterfly Kisses Foundation.

Based in Pasadena, CA, the Butterfly Kisses Foundation has a simple message: deliver smiles, strength and hope one cookie at a time to children with critical and ongoing illness and disabilities.

The new partnership aligns seamlessly with the company’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Initiative and with the tenets on which Foods 2.0 was founded.

Foods 2.0 CEO and Founder Trong Nguyen is a father of four and the idea for its first product, Sugar 2.0, rose out of a challenge he was facing: How to provide his children with a healthy alternative to sugary snacks that would still have the same taste that they knew and loved.

“It was a constant struggle, trying to make that compromise between healthy and tasty,” Nguyen remembers. “I’m so glad I can now make my kids the treats they love without worrying about their sugar intake.”

With Sugar 2.0 he solved this problem not only for himself and his own children but for thousands of other American families too. Now in 2,400 stores nationwide, Sugar 2.0 is a natural sugar alternative that reduces sugar content by half while adding soluble fiber. Sugar 2.0 allows consumers to replace regular sugar cup-for-cup, instantly making any recipe healthier while still delivering the familiar sweet flavor.

Now the partnership with Butterfly Kisses Foundation goes one step further: Foods 2.0 will donate Sugar 2.0 for all the foundation’s cookies and volunteer at Foundation events. In addition, a percentage of Foods 2.0 sales will benefit Butterfly Kisses and other charitable organizations.

“We are so excited to be partnering with Sugar 2.0, a company that’s as passionate about making a difference in children’s lives as we are,” said Kelly Quezada, President of Butterfly Kisses Foundation. “Their commitment and support to the foundation allows us to provide a healthier low-sugar cookie with the same great taste. Together we will continue to touch as many lives as possible, one healthier cookie at a time.”

The Butterfly Kisses Foundation delivers signature decorated butterfly cookies to children in hospitals, homes, and hospice centers who are battling critical and ongoing illness and disabilities. Families of sick children are often overwhelmed with the constant stress of medical appointments and treatments. The cookies are a welcome break – a moment when kids can revel in the simple pleasures of being a kid. The purpose of every Butterfly Kiss is to bring a smile to a child’s face.

Join Butterfly Kisses Foundation and Sugar 2.0 at the next fundraising event on September 7th. All profits from events go towards helping the foundation deliver smiles, strength, and hope, one cookie at a time. Please contact for more information.


About Foods 2.0, LLC.
Foods 2.0 began with one father’s desire to decrease his children’s sugar intake and replace it with a solution they’d love. Founded in 2015, Southern California-based Foods 2.0 strives to develop “clean label” foods using minimal, non-GMO ingredients with no byproducts or fillers. The company’s mission is to reduce or eliminate added sugar in everyday food items. Its products, Sugar 2.0 and Sugar 2.0 + Probiotics, are currently available in the baking aisle in 2,400 stores across the U.S.

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About Butterfly Kisses Foundation
Butterfly Kisses Foundation is a nonprofit foundation uniting our community to deliver smiles, strength, and hope, one cookie at a time to children with critical and ongoing illness and disabilities.
Do you remember as a child receiving a tender and sweet butterfly kiss?
For children affected by illness, a butterfly kiss is a warm and loving gesture to help a child feel that everything will be okay for the moment. Butterfly Kisses Foundation began with a desire to do something loving and meaningful for children whose health and lives are at risk. Our cookies are so much more than just a cookie, we believe they have the power to bring a smile for a moment while making a child feel special. The power to feel embraced by a warm hug, knowing that someone cares. The power to be brave and stay strong and continue the fight.

Source: Foods 2.0, LLC.