LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) February 14, 2018

By now, the dangers of excessive sugar consumption are well known, and many people are cutting down on soft drinks, cereals and the usual sugar-laden suspects to reduce their sugar intake. Unfortunately, many also mistakenly believe they can still consume copious amounts of honey and maple syrup, commonly believed to be healthier sweeteners.

Unfortunately, while raw honey and pure maple syrup contain trace elements of fibers and flavonoids that give them more nutritional value than white sugar, their nutritional edge is small given their still very high sugar content. Honey and maple syrup contain a combination of glucose and fructose, and deliver around 60 calories per tablespoon, similar to regular sugar. Honey and maple also affect the body much like refined sugar does, with their ability to cause blood sugar levels to spike. Both are composed of “simple carbohydrates” that allow quicker absorption into the bloodstream compared to foods like fruits and vegetables, which contain “complex carbohydrates” and fiber, as well as other vitamins and nutrients.

Now, Foods 2.0 is changing the game with the introduction of Honey 2.0 and Maple 2.0. Like the company’s debut offering – the now well-known Sugar 2.0 – both these exciting new products cut sugar content in half while adding soluble fiber to help slow the absorption of sugar into the blood. They also use real honey and pure maple syrup, so the nutritional benefits these natural sweeteners do possess are maintained.

Trong Nguyen, CEO and Founder of Foods 2.0, says he developed the products because of a desire to provide a healthy alternative to sweet treats for his children without compromising the taste they loved. “From my research,” Trong explains, “I found that soluble fiber helps the body absorb the sugar more slowly while delivering a longer-lasting feeling of fullness and satisfaction. At the same time, it’s naturally sweet, so it doesn’t produce bitter flavors like many artificial sweeteners.”

He adds, “At Foods 2.0 we’re serious about reducing sugar without compromising flavor. No one likes to feel left out on sweet occasions like Valentine’s Day or other holidays. Even that sweet little treat on the weekend is something we don’t want to do without. Honey 2.0 and Maple 2.0 allow you to eat a little healthier without the guilt. Like Sugar 2.0, they measure cup for cup, so you can continue using your favorite recipes and instantly cut the sugar content in half.”

Soft launch at sugar2pt0.com and Amazon.com.



About Foods 2.0, LLC.

Foods 2.0 began with one father’s desire to decrease his children’s sugar intake and replace it with a solution they would love. Founded in 2015, Southern California-based Foods 2.0 is a sugar reduction company that strives to develop clean label foods using minimal, non-GMO ingredients with no byproducts or fillers. The company’s mission is to reduce or eliminate added sugar in everyday food items. Its products, Sugar 2.0 and Sugar 2.0 + Probiotics, are currently available in the baking aisle in 2,800 stores across the U.S.

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